16 September 2013



Walkers are launching its biggest ever on-pack promotion from 16th September 2013, Gary’s Great Ingredient Hunt’.

Guaranteed to win in every pack, consumers will win a range of rewards from free crisps, to discounts on days out, to cash prizes worth up to £10,000. To determine which prize they have won, consumers simply need to enter the unique code from inside their promotional pack of Walkers Crisps at and play a fun online game to help Gary Lineker find the home grown ingredients which were introduced to Walkers core range in March.

From the millions of rewards on offer, consumers may win free single bags and multipacks of Walkers crisps, cash, or The Sun newspaper, all of which can be redeemed at Payzone stores nationwide. Consumers can redeem these rewards via an i-movo secure digital voucher sent straight to their smartphones.

How to process the transaction

  • Customer will present an i-movo voucher on their phone or some may show you a printed-out email
  • Simply scan the voucher using your Payzone scanner
  • Follow the terminal instructions to complete the transaction
  • A receipt will be printed guaranteeing your automatic reimbursement

 What you need to know

  • If the barcode fails to scan, you can complete the transaction manually by pressing Menu > Press ENTER on Transaction > Use the up arrow key to find I-MOVO  and press ENTER > Enter the number shown under voucher barcode > Press ENTER and follow the screen prompts
  • You will be automatically reimbursed the value of the voucher as part of your next payment run
  • For the product prizes, if you sell Walkers Crisps for more than the amount shown on the receipt simply call 0207 960 2571 to claim the additional amount. PLEASE DO NOT ASK THE CUSTOMER TO PAY THE DIFFERENCE.